Just like a new computer, your gaming console was probably at its best performance when it was completely brand new, but to your dismay, you probably realised that your console starts to get annoying over time. You start seeing errors while reading CDs, which you consider weird but understandable since you can just restart the console to rectify the issue, but then over time, you’ll realise that it’s getting noisier too and it heats up more.

How do I know when to fix my console?

A lot of folks consider these things to be normal console behaviour but what we want you to understand is that this is wrong; if your console wasn’t acting up when it was new and undamaged, it shouldn’t act up ever. If there’s something that seems off about any gadget, you shouldn’t ignore it because 9/10 times, something is off! While a lot of people debate about which is better; console or PC, consoles are also computers that are made just to run games, in the end. And if PCs can need pc repairs, your console will also need to be maintained and serviced so it can stay in top form.

So, what can be fixed?

Thanks to how popular consoles are, pretty much any problem in a console now have a solution; gone are the days when an Xbox 360’s red ring of death meant that your console was dead and you can’t-do much but cry. You can now get your console fixed up and back to normal at any point, but it’s still advisable that you get it fixed before a problem can get worse. In a lot of consoles, both hands held and those that you’ll place in front of your TV, you’ll encounter software problems that can only be fixed by dedicated console shops and some shops that offer laptop repairs.

My console is heating up, is something wrong?

If you feel that your console is generating heat, this can be normal, but at the same time, there can also be something wrong with it too. If your console is in a non-ventilated and hot room, then there’s your problem right there, and you should change this as soon as you can. Make sure that your console isn’t kept in a small congested space; it needs air to keep itself cool, and if its fans aren’t getting enough space to ventilate it, then it’s going to heat up. Another reason why consoles heat up is because of the load some games put on them. However, if your console is in a cool area and isn’t running a very heavy game, then you need to get it checked at a console or computer repair store.

If you keep your console maintained, it will last you for a long, long time. Remember, it gives you all those hours of gaming, so the least you can do in return for it is to take care of it.