A lot of people think that for a PC to run smoothly at all times, it needs to be very high spec with the latest processor chips, lots of RAM and storage and while that’s true, it’s also a half-truth. Specs are not the only thing that affects the performance of a computer, and more people need to understand this. A lot of computers at offices and school computer labs are very slow and annoying to use because they’ve been denied the computer repair work they needed.

Why is it important to maintain a computer?

Most PCs are built to be able to run around the clock, and that’s an entirely fine thing to do, except, we forget that each part and component inside the computer is made up of certain materials which are prone to wear and tear over time due to excess usage. All these parts are part of a systematic process which needs to be running well in every corner just so things go smoothly and if one faulty part isn’t repaired or replaced, the whole computer’s performance might be compromised.




How well a device performs has a lot to do with how well its physical condition is and that much should be elementary. Everything in a computer works together in a system and malfunctioning hardware components need to be replaced on time in order for a computer to continue working well. Walsall Repairs can fix up faulty hardware for you and if it needs replacing, it can be swapped out with authentic new parts.

How do I know that it’s time for computer repair?

Your PC might be very robust and made to allow you for gaming or work for hours at an end but it will have times when it’s not performing as good as it should be and you can tell when this is happening by paying just a little extra attention to it. You’ve spent hours on your PC, so you’re the best judge of when your PC isn’t doing too well, which loosely translates to something needing fixing. Not all PC repair work is hardware related; you might have too much stuff on your C drive, which can cause a whole host of performance issues.  However, if that’s not the case then you probably want to take your PC to a computer repair shop instead of making things worse by trying to fix your PC by yourself.

What are the most common PC problems?

Some of the most common problems with your OC that you can run into are as follows; your drive C might be full; a lot of windows computers give you dedicated folders to store your pictures and music and these folders are in the same drive as your system, storing things here will slow your PC down.

When it comes to hardware, the earliest bit of maintenance that your PC will need is to be cleaned from the inside; your PC has fans that ventilate and cool its components, and in doing so, these fans also pull in a lot of dirt that can reduce your performance. While it’s possible to clean this out by yourself, it’s advisable that you take your PC to a computer repair shop to get it cleaned. If you can’t diagnose your PC by yourself, you should take it to someone who can instead of trying to play the doctor yourself.




The software that runs any device or computer is like its soul and just how many things can get the human spirit down, the same can happen to computers (well, not quite). If your computer’s software is acting up, it can be very confusing to fix since it’ll also affect the hardware’s performance despite its health. If your PC is acting weird, it’s best to get it checked at our repair lab instead of trying to fix it yourself and save yourself from a lot of stress.