As human beings, we have this inherent bad habit of hording stuff that we don’t need; we gather tons of old magazines, old electronic devices that we used, and some of us even have their old toys from their childhood stashed away somewhere. Every then and now, we realise that we have so much junk lying around the place, we need to clear it out, and this is when we just toss it all away. A lot of the things that you throw away might still have value to you; you just don’t know it yet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your old fourth-generation iPod could work again or your old smartphone with the 2013 version of Android to be functional? The point we’re trying to get across is that a lot of your old electronics that you stopped using because you thought that they were no longer working aren’t useless yet. You’ll be surprised at how many mobile phones can be fixed from a zero to a hundred percent just by replacing one faulty part. You can get a cell fix very easily too, all you need to do is to have your faulty older devices to shops for local mobile phone repairs.



The cost of a logic gate is crucial, primarily because very many gates are needed to build a computer or other advanced digital system and because the more gates can be used, the more capable and/or fast the machine can be. Since the majority of a digital computer is simply an interconnected network of logic gates.

Repair labs have many old and new parts that can be used to save your iPhone mobile nice and easy. Even the smallest phone can be fixed up very easily if operated by a professional phone fixer. If your phone is completely dead, a motherboard repair is completely possible to bring it back to life. One would think about what they’d do with all their fixed phones; if you don’t want to keep them, you can always sell your old electronics now that they’re up and running again. There is profit to be made, so fix a phone today!

Phones aren’t the only electronics that you can save by fixing them; your dad’s old laptop that was one an almighty model may not be the latest of most aesthetic looking laptop now but it can still be used if you take it to a shop that offers computer repair services. In the worst of cases, a motherboard repair can bring even a dead laptop back to life. Laptop repairs aren’t the cheapest electronics repairs, but they’re necessary if you want to save an otherwise valuable computer from the scrapyard.

Old electronics don’t always mean redundant models from 10 years ago that only collectors would want now. They can also mean models from just a handful of years back. Technology moves so fast, and we see so many succeeding models to our gadgets each year that we forget that the ones that came out just a few years back aren’t way too far behind their latest iterations. They have value, and if you don’t want to use them, a lot of people would be more than happy to buy them off of your hands.



The overall cost of building a computer correlates strongly with the price per logic gate. In the 1930s, the earliest digital logic systems were constructed from telephone relays because these were inexpensive and relatively reliable. After that, engineers always used the cheapest available electronic switches that could still fulfill the requirements.